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Mrs. Chava Cohen


Mrs. Cohen, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother kah, is American born, lived in Israel for many years and is currently residing in Crown Heights. She speaks Hebrew, English and Yiddish.

Mrs. Cohen presented the Rebbe with the Yechi tambourine on Sunday י"ב    אדר א' תשנ"ב , February 16,1992.


Most reachable from 3p.m. - 9p.m


Mrs. Sarah Katzman



Mrs. Dina Borenstein



Mrs. Rachel Bruchstat

718-756 -7106

Mrs. Bruchstat comes from a long time family of Shluchim. She is currently working as an assistant teacher in preschool. She is a mother and grandmother with most of her children married BH.


She is most reachable from 12-noon-1:00p.m. daily


Mrs. Bracha Levertov



Mrs. Chaya Lieblich


Mrs. Lieblich comes from a traditional home and became Lubavitch shortly after her marriage . She currently lives in Crown Heights where she moved to 36 years ago. She is assisting her elderly parent and recently married off the youngest of her eight children KA"H. BH.

Most reachable after 8:30p.m. (NY time)


Mrs. Chaya Korf

718-774 -6632

Mrs. Korf has been a Halacha teacher in Bais Rivkah N.Y. for many years!


Most reachable after 9p.m.


Mrs. Dina Tzfasman

718-774 -2986

Mrs. Tzfasman originally from Italy, learned in France from the age 14, for 5 years. After teaching in France for a year, she came to N.Y. where she married and raised a family.


She is most reachable Sunday mornings 8-10a.m.


Mrs. Ruth Cohen Leeds, England

44 113 269 6120


Mrs. Yehudis Groner

718- 774 -3025

Mrs. Groner is a former Bais Rivkah teacher.

She is most reachable Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10a.m.-12noon, and 9p.m. - 12 midnight




Mrs. Shterna Sara Deutch (Israel)

Home: 077 344 3780

Cell: 054 211 8261

Speaks Hebrew, Yiddish and French


Sundays and Wednesdays 8-10pm


Mrs. Leah Wilhelm (Boulder, Colorado)
 (303) 444-2775
Wednesday 12-1pm
Topic: Raising healthy, well balanced and happy children 


Mrs. Miriam Gerber (Philadelphia, PA)

(610) 896-1686

Advice geared for children 12 and under,

Will be available starting September 2012,

Call or email anytime for initial contact


Can advise parents and teachers specifically on:

*A positive approach in dealing with children

*Fostering Ahavas Yisroel in children


Mrs. Elisheva Mergui (France) speaks French

(011 33) 01-7124 2510

Sunday and Monday 6-10pm (French time)


Mrs. Dena Gorkin (Brooklyn)



Mrs. Rivkah Leah Bernath (Chicago, IL)

Regarding teen issues


Mrs. Miriam Gross (Los Angeles, CA)

(323) 374 5409

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4pm Pacific time

Mrs. Hadassah Werner (Oak Park, MI)

Sunday nights, 8-9pm (geared towards preteen and teens)

Email her for initial contact -


Mrs. Rivkah Barber (New York)