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Wherever there is no time listed, please call or email to set up a time.


Any Topic


Mrs. Itty Chazan (Brooklyn, NY)
C. (347) 224-8032
H. (718) 735-6735
She is available almost anytime (NY) and would make up a specific time on a regular basis with her 'clients'.

Mrs. Chazan’s work experience includes being on shlichus in Recife, Brazil, teaching grades six through seminary,  being a principal and camp director.
Itty’s personal motto is to find the innate good in people, have open communication, respect all people, strengthening their self esteem and

confidence and maximizing each individual's talents and gifts. 



Mrs. Devorah Leah Gorelik (Fort Collins, Colorado)
 (970) 407-1613 (Mountain Time)

 Mondays 2-3pm


Mrs. Gilah Evers (Amersfoort, Netherlands)

9am-9pm   (European Time)

+31 33 472-0943


 Can call back 

Mrs. Gilah Evers raised her family (most of whom are B”H married) on Shlichus in the Netherlands, and enjoys teaching women how to be happy and well adjusted in life. Her favorite topics to consult with others on, are Chinuch, Shalom Bayis and Shidduch advice. She can help women feel ready and confident when starting the process of Shidduchim for their children.


Mrs. Leah Thaler (Israel)

+02 655-1563



Mrs. Chanie Charitonov (Brooklyn, NY)

Sunday through Wednesday 7-10pm

(718) 493-2653



Mrs. Sarah Raskin  (Montreal, Canada)

Thursdays 9-11pm

(514) 486-5087



Mrs. Esther Grossman (Chicago, IL)

(773) 849-5601



Please leave a message and she will call back be”H


Mrs. Leah Stern (Chicago, IL)



Mrs. Sarah Goodman (New Jersey)

Monday nights 9-11pm

(732) 545-2365


Mrs. Ettie Refson (Leeds, England)

Evenings 7-10pm

011 44 113 237-0360


Mrs. Ruchama Thaler (California)

Sunday 9-10pm (Pacific Time)



Mrs. Shterna Sanowicz (California)

Sunday 8-9pm (Pacific Time)



Mrs. Yehudis Farkash (California)



Mrs. Rivkie Raices, (Chicago, IL) 

(847) 675-4126 (Central Time)



Mrs. Chana Gurary,  (Montreal, Canada)

(514) 731-2840

Evenings  8—9:30 pm (Montreal time)


 Mrs. Chana Gurary raised  ka”h a large family and is willing to share her life experience and knowledge with others.



Mrs. Tova Chazanov (New Jersey)

Cell: (732) 984-0176
Please call to arrange a time


Mrs. Tova Chazanov  is on shlichus for 26 years with a large family, ka"h. She is a Bubby and Mommy with lots of life experiences in her own family and her community. Tova also does  marriage counseling in her community.



Mrs. Chaya Perman (Toronto, Canada and Caracas, Venezuela)

Cell in Toronto (416) 823-1850

Her US # in South America is (412) 203-3546



Mrs. Chanie Pinson (California)

(323) 935-0619 (Pacific Time)



Mrs. Goldie Plotkin



Goldie is a mother of a large family ka”h, and. has a child with special needs. She gives many classes to women on all subjects, specifically about Shalom Bayis. She has two married children and several ainiklech, ka"h. She has also been a pre-school director for the past 25 years.


Mrs. Bracha Gitlin  (New York)


Please call after 3p.m. N.Y. time


Mrs. Ella Lerman  (New York)

Cell (917) 754-1971

Please call after 2:15pm N.Y. time


Mrs. Chavi Goldberg (Toronto)




Mrs. Rivky Yarmush (Toronto)

rivkay@gmail.com (chinuch)


Mrs. Mira Gurary



Mrs. Sheikevitch (Italy)


9-11 p.m. (Italian time)


 Shlucha, Mother, Teacher


Mrs. Rochel Chanowitz



Mrs. Mindy Shemtov

Home: 718-773-4032

Cell: 917-753-5008



Mrs. Freide Shapiro



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